Deidre Scherer: Human Textures
Plus Collaborations with Jackie Abrams

Here is our video from our artists talk on October 27. We cover the inspiration and process behind our three-dimensional collaborations. 

Double Profiles, 2018, Jackie Abrams & Deidre Scherer, 15 x 8 x 8″, print on cotton paper, wire

There is still a display of six of my works and three of our collaborations -the gallery is open 11am to 5pm, Wednesday – Monday. 

Mitchell-Giddings Fine Arts  * 183 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301 * 802.251.8290


2018 Hastings Center Special Report, cover image, “Treasure” by Deidre Scherer

Cover for “Perspectives In Biology and Medicine”, Johns Hopkins University Press, “In Thought” from the collection of Hebrew Union College-Institute of Religion Museum, NYC


TERRA inFIRMA at Dr. Bernard Heller Museum, New York

I am one of sixty-five international artists who explore our responsibility to protect and sustain the earth for future generations. 

Through June 28, 2019

Exhibition catalogue cover: “Come Stand By Me”, 2018, woven paper, 16.5 x 30 inches. “This forceful, humanist work by Scherer visually depicts the relationship between humanity and our planet. Reaching out of the darkness, hands of diverse genders, ages, and ethnicities express the imperative that people must join together to effect positive, hands-on change.”

Location: Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, One West Fourth Street
(between Broadway and Mercer Street), New York City, NY

Information:; 212-824-2218;


Fred F. Scherer, Artist, Diorama Painter, 1915 – 2013 

My father was an early and steady influence on my art making. As a child, I’d play hooky by commuting with him down to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City  where I’d spend the day roaming the halls while he painted. Many times I’d sit on the edge of a diorama watching him work. 2018 is the 103rd anniversary of his birth. I welcome and encourage you to visit and celebrate his life’s work:

The Pheasant diorama painted by Fred F. Scherer in the Hall of North American Birds at the American Museum of Natural History, ca 1960, courtesy of the AMNH.

Cicely Aikman, Artist, Poet, 1923 – 2013

Please visit and enjoy the web site and work of painter Cicely Aikman:

Cicely Aikman, “The Cove, Summer”, 26 x 22 inches, oil on canvas, ca. 1985-2005

Cicely’s free and lush use of form, line and color has had a great and lasting impact on how I see the world -and how I think as I work. She is in my mind when I take pleasure in a moment of light, when I discern the uniqueness of a shade, and the simplicity of a curve. She was a master in paint before her time.              …Deidre Scherer

“Everyday Mermaid” Book Prototype is Complete

California poet and friend Christina Isobel and I have been working on our book collaboration for several years. In responding visually to her poetry, I discovered a vibrant language of symbolic abstraction. Here across my studio wall, like a scroll, are my fabric panels overlaid with Christina’s poems. All 34 full spreads were then scanned, printed, trimmed, folded, and hand-built into a prototype of the book. We are PUBLISHING!

Deidre with her book panels on studio wall.

Deidre with her book panels on studio wall.

Opening Book Prototype

Opening Book Prototype

First few pages of "Everyday Mermaid"

First few pages of “Everyday Mermaid”